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    Nybliven ägare till en sådan monster. En TGB 11 från 75 i numera AluZink. Han är i kanon skick och behöver inget akut. Vill däremot återskapa choke och handgas i panelen.
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    The piece on the outside of the brake disc is the old toyota hub with quite a lot of material taken off it. This is really just a glorified wheel spacer which gives clearance for the wheel, but it also makes everything hub centric ie. it centres the wheel so it doesnt just rely on the wheel studs. The original Volvo hub is centred on the inside of the brake disc, then the toyota hub is centred on the internal diameter of the brake disc. The toyota and volvo hubs are bolted together.
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    Hej. Har några uppsättningar nya däck och fälg till TGB 30/40. Michelin XZL 445/65 - R 22.5. Som sitter på likadan fälg som Räddningsverket köpte. Kan man få ett bud? (Bruttopriset när det begav sig var ca 10 000:-) MVH Jan Persson Värmlands Motor AB jan.persson@varmlandsmotor.se
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    Söndagens upptagning av T26 blev nog den mest långdragna i historien. Först orsakade en felaktigt placerad sprint, att båten hamnade fel på vagnen med en skadad propelleraxel som följd. Därefter tyckte däcket på höger framhjul att det var dags för skilsmässa. Spännband och slägga fick det på plats igen, men den proceduren fick upprepas 5 gånger på 15 meter. Nu är hon i alla fall på sin vinterplats.
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    Hello, its a long time since I posted anything, but I have been busy ! Disc brakes - that should be easy, right ....... !?! Ha ha, totally not easy, I have put so many hours into this, I cant even explain it. My aim with the disc conversion was the following : I wanted to use matched discs and calipers from the same vehicle preferably a big 4x4 I didnt want any modifications to the discs or calipers, so I can service in the field with standard parts I wanted standard wheels to fit so if I damage one I can get home I wanted the brackets to fit to the same place the original Volvo brakes attach I wanted to replace the outer oil seal that is really hard to get with a standard off the shelf one. I think I have achieved all of this, the only compromises are : You have to split the caliper to change the brake disc, or strip the portal hub to tighten the bearings I have modified wheels to keep the vehicle width down. Standard Toyota 6 stud wheels fit and you could use them to get you home no problems, but I have moved the centres out on my set. Overall width has increased by 23mm so thats not too bad. All in all very happy, just have to make new pipes and bleed them and then I can test them out. Now for some pics
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