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  1. Nothing that I know of yet, but the car was left out for 25 years, no spark plugs in engine, it seized, and the axles were buried in the ground. They might rebuild ok, but useful spares if not. When a pile of spares came up for sale in the UK a few weeks ago I couldn't not get them!
  2. I now have spare axles, steering box, gearbox, transfer box etc., so I'm hoping I can build a complete good set!
  3. Useful photos, thank you eile! When I translate the description it isn't completely clear, what the work needed is, but I'm hoping it will become clear when I have my M45 and M47 side by side.
  4. I'm sure this information exists on the forum already, but translating and searching isn't finding what I want... My C202 has been in a field for 25 years, so I need to rebuild the axles, transfer box etc. Engine and gearbox I can sort, but where do I find good spares for the axle, like new swivels, perhaps halfshafts etc.? As I am based in the UK, it starts to look easier and cheaper to fit Land Rover axles, but then the ratios are all wrong and I need a LR transfer box, then I might as well have a LR gearbox and engine... The steering box I don't think I c
  5. Do you mean this one? Only have a photo of mine from behind... I would be interested in finding replacements, and also front indicators! Nothing available in the UK as I'm sure you know...
  6. I'm interested in diesel power in my C202 - I've seen Scandinavian Marine Trading selling adaptor plates to fit the VW 4 cylinder TDI or Mercedes 4/5 cylinder diesels. However, I like 5 cylinders, and I have a complete 1997 V70 TDI with D5252T which isn't worth anything, but mechanically is great. Has anyone fitted this? The M45 looks like it could be kept - finding an M46 from a 740 or 940 TD would get me the right bellhousing. Would the M45 and FD51 handle 140bhp and 290Nm? Would the axles? I realise if keeping the gearbox and transfer box, I w
  7. My new project, lots of rust in the body including the roof joint. Plan is to use it as a camper and perhaps towing my Amazon around. Sorry, I only speak English. It's taking some time to navigate this forum! Stephen
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