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  1. Thanks, these ones? They mention BM 400 Buster. I am not so familiar with tractors ;-). I only see one version and not left and right. i thought there is a left and a right thread version. https://histoparts.com/stuurkogel-volvo-bm/3 regards
  2. Hi, I want to replace my track rod ends, does anyone know which ones can be used. Do the ones from Landrover (series) fit? They are metric (i think) but most important is the angel and the height (cone). Regards
  3. Thanks for the pictures. Clear and good idea to use that space. I have break parts originally there (load dependent breaks) but I don’t think I will place those back and then I have the space to extend the fuel tank like you did. Thanks!
  4. Hi Eile, how did you extend the tank? Do you have pictures? i also would like a long range one or an extra one but i als have PTO and winch so the space is limited in that area.
  5. Hi Eile, do the holes match exact? Do you think this is the same one (in Dutch)? it has a meter included but looks the same. if you google the article number you get better pictures ( a little bit better). It mentions depth of tank between 130 and 660 mm. That should be ok for a c202. Looks very similar to me link to Dutch shop: https://www.bootland.nl/diverse-aanbiedingen/brandstofmeter-inclusief-universele-tankzender.html
  6. I know a lot has been siad on this forum about the clutch but i miss the conclusion. what I found: Borg and beck 9,5" pressure plate (used an a Bedford CF) combined with a LR series 2/3 lamel plate will work > A bit hard to find, specially the pressure plate. Volvo 164 pressure plate with a lamel plate (10 splines/228 mm) can work > Easier to find, but will it work? My question: anyone used option 2 (the volvo 164 with a 228 mm lamel plate? The original plate is 240 but a 164 has a lot more horse power and I see one person confirming it works (??). What are the risks if I use a 164 set (pressure plate, lamel plate and release bearing? Links to previous topics (but I miss the conclusion): Thanks for the help. regards brt
  7. ok, i see. My thought was if you open de bearing the teeth of the gear will be better lubricated but I think these gears are in another position/location (bit more back). I have to check my one and see if I have the short or the long version. Do you knoiw about the clucth? I just got the info the pitch of the mounting holes on the flywheel is the same for C202 vs 164. thanks!
  8. Hi Overdrive, which forum would be good to place some pics?
  9. Hi Eile, seems good point you have. The big bearing will have no lubrication anymore. What is smart: cancel the pto winch and use an electric one? put grease in that area? other idea: use a bearing without seals and only an open cage? Not sure if this will be open enough to solve the problem. other idea: a brass bush with holes to let the oil go through. No ball bearing but a slide bearing (custom made). There is not too much power on this bearing i think. open bearing example: Maybe off topic: Another thing i noticed in this page 215 is the clutch. I am also looking to renew the clutch (pressure plate/lamel plate/bearing). i found the clutch of a 164 fits. Is that correct? regards brt
  10. Hi All, My first post on this forum. I bought a C202 a year ago and completly stripped it and I am now rebuilding it. I am from the Netherlands so my Swedish is not so good ;-) My C202 has a FD51 transfercase (standard) and has the optional PTO + winch. After checking my transfer case I noticed the PTO part for the winch (optional) is missing a bearing. See the pics to explain better. Sometimes only a cover is placed but if you have PTO this "clutch" is used. It is a vacuum clutch and swicthes PTO (winch). questions: Does anybody know which bearing or replacement bearing is/can be used in the PTO clutch of the transfer case? Is this a metric or an imperial bearing? Thanks.
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