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  1. Brian

    Speedometer cable

    Hi eile, thank you so much ! Wiring has been cut about before I got her ,wires not attached to anything cables wrong size added in etc . so best to start from diagram. Thanks
  2. Brian

    Speedometer cable

    Hi not sure if tag is right? Could anyone help tracking down a speedometer cable for 1978 Volvo c202 , or is there a cable thats not original that fits ? Its probably a common question so apologizes if been asked a million times. And thanks in advance for any replies. And all your previous help. Also wiring diagram would be of great help. Brian jonnys03@hotmail.com
  3. Hi again in need of your experience,have original tank and sender ,has two contacts and an earth contact does anyone know what goes where as wires are missing? Or a diagram? Thanks for all your help.
  4. Just discovered something,maybe my mistake does c202 have front springs under axle or on top of axle ? Read a bit saying axle at front should be on top of spring and opposite for rear. If true mine is wrong.
  5. Hi ,I'm sorry my Swedish is non existent please forgive me.i am looking for front leaf springs for 1978 c202 . Does anybody know where to get? Or specs to get re formed. Also see that someone is remaking parabolic springs here do they fit on c202 if so this may be a good option. Thank you for any help .I am in England love the c202 wish it were easier to find parts.
  6. Hi sorry unable to upload photos o.d of outside bezel 112mm. i.d of bezel 90mm ,two screw holes to bezel.inner amber lense broken. Valp has one red light and one separate amber indicator of same size on right and left side . Hope this helps a bit. think valp was originally orange in colour don't know if that narrows it down to type.
  7. Hi ,I need some help please with getting a rear round indicator lense for 1978 c202 .or can anybody tell me who make them ,or what they were used on so I can search .there doesn't seem to be any makers name on them ,any help would be great thank you .
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