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  1. Posting the current details from the FB group for those that might not have access or do not use Facebook. Parabolic Springs (Part 2). Ok it looks like we are at 81 springs as of 08/29. I have posts up in c303(de), Terrangbil(se), Real4x4(us) and the Dutch C303/TGB facebook group. I've asked that Paul provide expectations on production time just so that we are all on the same page. There are still some in these groups who have expressed interest so I would like to give them a little time before moving forward. I have also asked Paul to provide the process moving forward to ensure that when the time comes that we are all paid up and ready to move forward. Just to recap the cost for springs within the following quota targets are 175£ per spring (40 units) and 165£ per spring (80 units) give or take a few. Also consider: 1). If you want spares now is the time to change qty because I'm not sure how long it would take to find another opportunity to score parabolic springs once this run is complete. No pressure, just be mindful that this is a custom run on springs not mass produced or available outside of a used purchase or a group run. 2). If you know someone who has a TGBx/C30x but are not on social media reach out to them and inform them so they have equal opportunity to participate. 3). If there are still questions looming now is the time to ask! ------------------------------------------------------ Questions / Answers: 1). Spring rate is 42 N/mm, spacing between the buffer and the spring unladen should be between 50-70mm. Vehicle will sit slightly higher than new stock springs. 2). Springs do not require uprated shocks. Body roll is minimal and predictable. Shocks only affect roll rate. As with any vehicle if the rest of your suspension is old and needing maintenance then these items should also be addressed. 3). Production time is 30 days plus 1/2 weeks ship time which varies based on location. So US and Australia might see longer waits but not that much longer. Cost will of course vary based on location also but local pickup is allowed. 4). Bushes. There are a few options. One is to have the factory press in the OEM bushes if you provide them or you can press them yourself once the springs arrive. If you are wanting other non-OEM bushing options then that needs to be discussed also. 4a). Bushes/recap. Working hard to avoid confusion on this. Since this is a custom run we have options but along with those options comes complexity. Complexity because we are not dealing with a standard build nor are we dealing with a standard vehicle. That being said, the standard bushings that used to come with the springs and that can still come with the springs are the rubber (Colmar) and those require around a 5mm spacer on each side when mounted. There is also a PU option which is a PU bushing with an 18x85mm tube but there is no pricing on that as PU bushes have to be made. Paul is looking into the cost but it should fall into the standard cost for PU bushes. I am having Paul make me a set of Delrin bushings also but for which I have no cost yet. If you are interested in this option feel free to list it on the form. I am having my bushings pressed locally. 5). Payment. Paul is setting up a Paypal group for this production run. This gives you the buyer certain protections as in paypal will handle any issue resolution well within the production run and past delivery of said product (up to 180 days). If for some reason you don't feel that you are able to do paypal please speak up now. Just keep in mind that the goal here is to also keep this as simple as possible not make it more complicated. 6). Spring color. Many have complained about the blue. A change in color is permitted however it may be that the change be made for the entire run and not individually. If so we need some feedback if you are on the list. 7). Cost of extra leafs - update coming soon. And for reference below is the list being provided to Heystee once the we close up the run. September 1, 2018 has been targeted as the date we move forward into the next stage so that's this weekend. Just FYI.
  2. Quick status update. We have set a date of September 1 for closing out the production run for this batch. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up!
  3. Hi Fredrik! I can confirm this for certain but this is what Heystee (Paul) sent me this morning.
  4. Hi Tamaz! They are 175 GBP per spring.
  5. Hej Hej, My apologies as I don't speak Swedish fluently enough to post this in anything other than English. Heystee has agreed to make a single run of parabolic springs for the c303/c304 as long as we can attain a quantity of 40 or more. There is a list attached where you can add your information if you are interested. Cost per spring would be around 175£ . If you have any questions feel free to ask. Once we hit the 40 mark we will wait a bit to make sure anyone else that is interested can join before the batch of springs are made. Tack sa mycket, Brandon M http://www.parabolicsuspension.com/volvo/c303.htm https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1io74_jak_i-bX-LMYL1GwBjlen_9SuJ3_o90GrmtVwc/edit#gid=0
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