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  1. Yes, I was able to roll her out without much issue.
  2. Final follow up, I took the Volvo out to Moab all last week with the new Gabriel’s. Final conclusion is they worked exceptionally well. I think the length could be a bit longer for what I was doing, but in all reality they were perfect. I did everything from high speed dirt roads to reasonably hard Rock Crawling. I don’t plan on changing a thing about my shocks. Bonus pic below.
  3. Just a follow up, I have the rear shocks installed and they do not require any modifications like the front. The shock can be installed with the full shroud. Because my truck is not loaded in the back I went with the softest setting. This gives me a very balanced feel so far. I might consider dropping the fronts to the mid range instead of the highest setting. These are without a doubt one of the cheaper options available and the larger body most certainly helps for harsher trails. Though a fancy high dollar set of Fox or King would be fun, these Gabriel GasSLX are more than any C
  4. Any chance you have a close up pic? I assume you just used an angle piece from front to back and used bolts to sandwich the original body?
  5. Well, my body is a super clean Alu/zinc. So I don’t anticipate ever rebuilding my body in my lifetime. Certainly I know the C303 is not great for running into trees, but more specifically I need to protect the sheet metal under the mid doors in case I roll over a rock, log or similar that will hit the metal. With Land rovers we call those rock sliders and they are usually a 2”x3” 3/16”-1/4” tubing fixed under the door sill and to the frame. But this arrangement is difficult on the C303. The body in this area seems like it could be boxed over with 3/16” or 1/4” steel plate and be plenty s
  6. Anyone here have any thoughts on rock sliders for the C303? I have seen a few people with side plates on the cab but I have not seen anyone bearing the weight of the truck on them. It seems to me that the structure at the floor may be strong enough to support the trucks weight without connecting directly to the frame. However I don’t want to experiment with my straight Alu/zinc body if I don’t have to.
  7. 60mm for main tube and 70mm for the shroud. They are considerably larger than stock and should handle more work than stock.
  8. They have an oversized body and they interfere with the axle weld bead. Because the air chamber is separated from the oil it doesn’t make a difference if they are upside down or not. And because they are an oversized body they will handle heat much better. These also have a 3-way adjustable valve to change the dampening to adjust for being in the front or back of the truck or to accommodate the preference of the owner. And finally they are a very cheap alternative to Koni.
  9. Gabriel Gas SLX adjustable shocks modified for the TGB11. Part 89409. Ride is very controlled and more appropriate for the parabolic springs. Not a 100% perfect fit but they do the job well. The bushings are the correct size, the only modification needed is to cut the steel shroud off and mount the shaft side down. The length is appropriate for my application and allows a bit more down travel.
  10. I’m going to rewind one and see how it works. Not hard, just a pain.
  11. Sadly those numbers don’t pull up anything of consequence via google. Really shocked these aren’t more common parts.
  12. I tried them but all they had was a lot with all the 12V parts. I didn’t need the majority of them as my truck is far from stock. I will try them again though. Surely they are a available new.
  13. I have searched and searched but cannot find an answer. I need a pair of 12V wiper motors and I would prefer the original civilian style or at least something that bolts right in. Any help is appreciated I got this photo that is supposedly from a civilian C303 but the numbers don’t pull anything up for me.
  14. If anyone is interested I went with the Cummins R2.8 Crate engine. It fits pretty well in the TGB11 and gets around very well. I used the stock transmission and originally kept the 24V system but later changed to 12V.
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