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  1. Hi T101 no I didn’t I am still trying to get my ed engine fixed. Did you buy yours from Adam near Middlesbrough? As far as I can tell 6 cylinder engines are too long the ED is a short engine. And I would prefer original but that is looking less likely by the day.
  2. I got the main hydraulic seals from classic brakes Devon England telephone 00441626 891645 But if anyone finds full kits I would be interested
  3. Thanks einhead I will look at that . I must say that I did not notice this valve, where is it on the manifold? Thanks Glynn
  4. Points gap and spark is good
  5. You can see he accelerator pump squirting fuel in so I wouldn't think starvation. I was thinking maybe too much fuel. Yeah carter wgd. Pump appears ok . I am pulling what little hair I have out.
  6. Glynn

    B36 parts

    Wanted b36 parts Heads Manifolds Carburettor Pm or email raptor1000 at hotmail dot co dot uk Takk alla
  7. Help I am having trouble with a b36 it ticks over nicely but when throttle is opened it dies. I have the carburettor apart about 20 times and everything looks ok. I have a spring missing from vacuum piston but have tried a stronger one and none and same problem. Hjälpa Jag har problem med en b36 det tömma över fint men när gaspådrag det dör. Jag har förgasaren isär ca 20 gånger och allt ser ok. Jag har en fjäder saknas vakuumkolven men har provat en starkare en och ingen och samma problem.
  8. It's new mats and appears to seal by blowing through it
  9. Hi all Does anyone have a translation of b36 carburettor set up. My carburettor is running very rich and I cannot improve it. Mainly the t link vacuum assembly and accelerator pump and mixture. Thanks
  10. Hi all I am wanting a spring from the vacuum piston for a carter carburettor from b36 It measures about 40mm x 5.3mm Glynn 00447977912905 email raptor1000 at hotmail dot co dot uk Thanks Hej alla Jag vill ha en fjäder från vakuum kolv för en carter förgasare från b36 Den mäter ungefär 40 mm x 5.3mm Tack
  11. Thanks mats that's great. any more pictures would be nice if anyone has any?
  12. hej alla någon som har någon Trygge eller Snabbe bilder som används av svenska armén eller flottan Hi all does anyone have any pictures of the Snabbe or Trygge in army or navy use? Thanks
  13. As very little is easily available, I am afraid frustration is a major part of owning a sugga. Alpina fast, handles, and better fuel consumption than a sugga. But the lure of Matt green I can't help it.
  14. Hi Adam On hold as my parts supplier who I believe has the bits I need has stopped talking to me. Nice to see you are still monitoring the forum. Did you buy a shiny motor?
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