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  1. Edit: I mean the nuts from outside...not on the drums.. my mistake. I did it but with professional equipment -to like the original rims. But dont do it self when you dont have the equipment to do it professionel. You can't use the chains beacause the offset are more close to the middle of the truck. It touch def the arms. When my pressure was low for the bush often my tire touch the arms with the flank I dont know how it is with 14.00r20 tires- i used 16.00R20 . Thats verry big!( to big) The original rims have a smaler offset Regards
  2. I look for a Stabshyt , the new Model. Have you one or seen one? PM please
  3. Edit: mistake by reading the post.I ment the outside nuts not the inside on the brake drums. Regards
  4. Hej. I'm searching for a C303 civil, with Alu-Zink body, 12 Volt, I dont need a PTO Whinch...so just a nice body are realy cool If you have a offer, please send pics and price to : ctschampel@yahoo.de. Or if you have some found one the net, please send me a link. Thanks and Best regards
  5. Hej, I bought a new one and tak it inside. But same problem aggain. What can bie the problem? Have anyone any ideer? Please help Regrads
  6. Thanks- Oh damm... its not easy to come with tools to that place...
  7. @ Wingflyer @ all Can anyone show me where is the physical location of " gearbox speed transducer" !! I have found 3 differents- but noone have a number on the kabel?
  8. Where I can find the " gearbox speed transducer" ? Regards @ Stan, found the white plug in teh fuse-bord. Good ideer, thanks. I will make a T-corner with the kabel from the extra switch.... we will look how it works :-D
  9. Thanks Stan. Maybe you can help me with my direkt Gearbox-Switch one post bevore? Regards
  10. Question by this topic: When I will take a direkt switch to the magnetic valve.( like a redundanc to the Ecu) How I connect the gear 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 in the switch? ( its a 4 point switch from Kraus&Naimer) I that right when I connect the the MAgneitc Valve with that bilding? ****** Gear H1 <-- 521 is energized. Gear H2 <-- 521 and 522 are energized. Gear H3 <-- 521, 522 and 523 are energized. Gear M3 <-- 521, 522 and 523 and 524 are energized ********** Is that correct, or total Wrong? And how is the reverse gear? Thers a Pic from the Forum
  11. Hi, Thanks for help , I will it tasted that next day When its broken, its possible to get a new one? Regards Carsten
  12. I start with Gear 1. Than speed go faster- gear 2 ist coming. Than around 1800rpm the gear 3 don't go in and the Converter lost the traction- the rpm go up to limit but hte speed go down. Its like when you push the clutch by a normal car. The Convert start aggain with traction like 10km/h- start aggain with gear 1... and all starts aggain. When I drive with selection "S" - than it works ok. Drive to 55km/h I need to say, the last owner take a switch direkt to the magenitc valve. For whatever reasen. But it woks on "S", that dont realy good work with selection "D" I have taste
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