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  1. Eile, I have two TGB1314A trucks and one AluZn TGB11. I would like to more about the modifications made on this particular truck. I would like to see what modifications have been made on the inside of the ambulance box as well as the door the owner has installed in the are of the original battery box. Just looking for ideas. I believe the Volvo TGB131X 6x6 trucks offer the best platform for a camper possible. Is that your high top C202 camper as your thumbnail photo? Great truck! I hope this answers your question about why I am looking for a German owner of a TGB. Take care. Jim Molloy
  2. Eile, Thank you for the recommendation. I have posted the same request on Michael's C303.de forum with no results yet. Sooner or later, this truck will show up again. Take care. Jim Molloy
  3. Hello to all,This photo was shamelessly harvested from the NL Volvo TGB C303 C304 C306 Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2257365984362790&set=gm.1441737212630964&type=3&theater&ifg=1The photo was recently taken in Frankfurt, Germany. I am trying to locate the owner of this truck as I have several questions and would really like to see additional photos. Does anyone have any information on this vehicle? Thank you for any and all help.Jim MolloyWaldersee FarmSheridan, Oregon USAhttp://www.northwestmogfest.com
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