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  1. Give up my hobby and sell my TGB30 trucks and all parts. No.1 truck 1980, 15,000km, very good condition, stored dry, Extended cab with integrated roll bar, not finished yet, but all important metal sheets are present. only chassis without platform or body Gearbox control unit overhauled by a well-known forum member No.2 truck 1979, 45,000km, good condition, stored dry, Hiab crane last year new water cooler and most of the hoses, brakes complete maintained many parts new or overhauled, new specially made 280 liter tank and consoles to be abl
  2. Hello Forum, today i have measured the pressures of 1gear, torque converter & basic pressure. I have made two videos, the basic pressure is not constant and you can hear short time metallic noises when the pressure rises. In the second video engaged 1gear at 0.40 https://vimeo.com/144771952 https://vimeo.com/144771975 oil pump or drive broken ? i hope you have a idea... Regards Marcus @ Wingflyer i don't buy the sprocket for this price
  3. Hello Forum, i have the same problem on my new second TGB. All spare parts are available, but must ordered at the central spare parts depot in belgium ! The sprocket is a little bit expensive 1040,- € plus VAT The truck has run 50000km, and i think every TGB gets this problem sooner or later. Nice to see the compressed wedge on the right. Unfortunately is that not all, i think the pressure at the torque converter is to low ?! At the moment i have no option to measure the oil pressure, only in two weeks... I will report reagards Marcus
  4. Hello wich Diesel & wich Gas ? The 2.8 Diesel is unproblematic, mechanical injection pump, timing chain, the wheelset from the transmission is from the light truck "Mitsubishi CANTER", and our need 10 - 11 Liter at 100km. Problems ? The injection pump needs all ca.150tkm an overhaul, rust on the frame is a topic and Brakes need attention! For travel I would always take a 2.8 diesel. Regards Marcus P.S. Our Pajero is for sale complete with tent and camping Interiors
  5. Hi Stan, one more in Germany Some of the ordered spareparts are for me. The world is a village. Regards Marcus
  6. Some pics from our Trip last September in the Alps from the swiss over france to italy. "Grimselpass" in Switzerland The way to "Lac de Roterel" On the top off the "Col de Sommeiller" in 3000m altitude. "ligurian mountain road" it's beautiful but little bit tricky Nightplace and beautiful view next morning Colle dell'Agnello "France" two weeks with beautiful views and nice off road tracks. In April we drive to corsica... Regards Marcus
  7. I think it's the rear part from this project. http://www.offroad-forum.de/viewtopic.php?p=984232&sid=44eb93eabc1ba276c97e88e304d8aee6 the username is the same... regards
  8. What a model is the ammunition truck in the second video ? Look's like a Dumper...
  9. Hello Walter, on the TGB can be mounted many Shelters the original "Stabshytt" the german Zeppelin Shelter FM2 the belgian Beaten Shelter Regards from Germany Marcus
  10. For technical Information to MAN KAT1 http://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=sv&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kat-wiki.de%2Findex.php%3Ftitle%3DFahrzeugtypen%3AKAT_I_5t_mil_gl_%2F_Typ_451 the 4x4 KAT is a little bit longer as a TGB30 Regards Marcus
  11. I am searching for a complete aircleaner, and left frontfender with holder in good condition. Not bent or rusted through ! Shipping to Germany should be possible. Regards Marcus
  12. Hello Stan, I have not hastily, but the interest is great! Is it possible to installed a manual selection of gears ? Similar to modern vehicles "tip tronic" or "telligent" For the production of the boards I have made ​​a request at a friend's company I can say more in the next days... Regards Marcus
  13. Hello Stan, nice to read that someone followed up this project. Do you have pictures of the system ? I am very interested ! Regards Marcus
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