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  1. Hi, I bought 5 complete wheels and tyres off a dutch guy who had upgraded his MAN kat1 with aluminium wheels and 1600r16 tyres. He delivered them to the uk for me last year. i then bought 2 more wheels from german ebay, they would only ship in side germany so had to be sent to a friend. I then got two more tyres from a uk ex military dealer. The last two wheels cost nearly as much as the first 5 once i had them into the uk and all fitted!
  2. Hi, I now fitted my TGB40 with 1400r16 tyres mounted on MAN Kat1 rims. Heavy work but they fitted as a direct swap without any problems. Need to put some miles on them now but my short test drive was good.
  3. Thank you, I got hold of my final two rims this week soon be getting them fitted. What tyre pressure do you use on a 40 car with 1400r20 fitted?
  4. Johan, Did you have to remove the inner nuts holding the brake drum on before fitting the new wheel? Looking good just waiting for my wheels to arrive from Germany.
  5. Hello, I am getting ready to fit my MAN Kat 1 wheels with 1400r20 tyres. Do i need to remove the nuts that hold the brake drums on before fitting the wheels, Will the new tyres catch the body if fitted with the drum nuts? Do steering locks need adjusting too? Any other things i need to watch out for? Please post some pictures of your trucks with them fitted, i am still waiting for my last 2 rims from Germany. Thanks Jon.
  6. Hello, My crane also has problems, i have power to the 4 cubes, and the hydraulic motor pumps when working the controls but no movement. I think there is a block in the hydraulic system? Any ideas, or how to bleed the system? Jon.
  7. I had a similar problem, batterys measured at 24v but one battery was bad inside and dropped lots of volts under load. Battery isolator would not open. Two good batteries and all was well.
  8. I used a jack to lift the cabin off the bed and used scaffold poles as rollers between the bed and cabin. i then used a ratchet strap to pull the cabin along the bed. My crane was not working but you could use it to pull the cabin along the bed.
  9. We use ratch straps on cars when on a trailer or truck and there is no need for wheel chocks. Chains are used on heavy machines like trucks and the APC. We would only chock wheels if there is a problem with the handbrake to stop the vehicle moving with it is strapped down.
  10. Hi Guys, The car had come from Germany. I had a talk with the owner about the wheels and tyres, he said the wheels were from a german military trailer so had a deeper offset than the usual MAN kat1 rims. The tyres were 1400x20 from the MAN kat. The offset means that the tyres are very close to the body when offroad so he had cut the curve in the body for more room.
  11. It is good to have a friend with a crane! Swapping the cabins was so easy with the AEC Militant crane. I am trying to paint the cabin now but the rain is back and delaying me. It is nearly ready for the road and i want to get some spares to carry with me, does any one know what length fan belt is used on tgb 40? Also part number / brand for suitable fuel filters? Any other spares i should carry?
  12. I would not have guessed on the real use of the Reflex, thank you for the answers, another mystery solved! I also like the use as a beer bottle opener. Im not so sure on the seating issues, i did ask a friend who MOT's cars and small lorries and even he was not sure. If i remember correctly on the registration form the seating capacity is only the driving cab. I think you would be to use it as long as you inform your insurance company that it has seating in the rear, seatbelts are still fitted and a form of communication is available( the speaker tube should be ok.) We have horse boxes
  13. The black and silver licence plates are used on historic and military vehicles, they also look better on a older truck than the reflective ones! I have not yet changed the head lights but i do plan to swap them for uk type with the correct beam angle. Drive under bars are not needed again due the age of the truck, i dont think there is any need anyway as there is little room on the sides that they would fit. Speedo will stay as orginial in kph, i will just add some dots to the dial for mph marker points. My Landrover 101FC is RHD but has a only ever had a kph speedo fitted. Two of other
  14. Sorry been a long time since the last update... Good weather is here so have been busy, getting fresh paint on the truck.. Been covered in green dust for days Feels good to fit my registration plates..I just need to swap over the troop cabin for my good one and paint that now.. more soon...
  15. Thank you for the link, It seems that apart from museum gifts they were all destroyed. Such a shame.
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