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  1. I would really like to find some. Its the last thing on my trick thats 24v (running a 12-24 converter just for those). If anyone finds a source to buy them, please post here.
  2. I think you can fit standard wheels on the TigerExped kit, i was in contact with them some time ago, an 8 bolt volvo hub would be available.
  3. I'm not really impressed with this kit. You lose dual circuit on the front, and it requires custom machined discs. You would be better making a group buy for the Tiger Exped conversion, its the best i have seen.
  4. View File Speed / RPM Calculator Calulator excel for speed vs rpm with a number of options for TGB Submitter hoss Submitted 07/27/2020 Category Volvo TGB 11/12/13/20  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Calulator excel for speed vs rpm with a number of options for TGB
  6. To answer my own question, i researched and found the following: Item Volvo number OEM Needle bearing 183637-8 INA BK4520 Axle bearing 11017-1 SKF 6210 Inner wheel 183430-8 Timken JLM10498 + JLM104910 Outer wheel cup 183505-7 Timken JLM508748 Outer wheel cone 183506-5 Timken JLM508710
  7. Does anyone know if the wheel / portal axle bearings are available on the market (rather than OEM Tatanka) And if so, do you have part numbers? Thanks
  8. I would be interested if anyone here has a C303 in Switzlerland and your experience of registration , inspection and (if possible) modifications.
  9. Yes, these threads were a great inspiration for me too. p.s My power steering uses a Saginaw unit. It was done by the previous owner so i dont have any details. They have welded a mount onto the chassis. I'll take some pics later and try to find a part number.
  10. The standalone thing is relatively easy to do (once you have slogged through the loom and researched, which i have done for you). I'm not an expert on the motors, but you can ask questions on superturbodiesel.com, very useful site. The sump works fine, you have to change the oil pump to from a OM648, but it all drops on. The rear does not mate with the 722.6 as the holes dont line up, but i will adapt it.
  11. Of course, happy to share, thats why we are here. I'm currently writing up the procedure to use the OM606 in standalone.
  12. I don't know where it comes from, or what it costs as i got it for free from a friend
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