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  1. Visa fil Avd 0 (03) Specifikationer C202 Volvo C202 Service handbook. Chapter 0 (03) Specs. Inlämnare Taavi14 Inskickat 2017-07-21 Kategori Volvo C202  
  2. Still searching for Service and Users manual in English....
  3. With shipping to Estonia. Please contact via PM or taavi14@gmail.com
  4. I will let you know if all the chapters are scanned.
  5. If you speak swedish then I can share swedish version in near future. I will try the scanner at my workplace as my personal one is very slow and scanning would take forever.
  6. Hi everybody Does somebody have information about C202 service handbook in English? I have a Swedish version but I dont speak Swedish so getting information from there takes a lot of time and translation. Btw, I started to digitalise the Swedish manual. Hopefuly it is useful for somebody.
  7. Version Swedish


    Volvo C202 Service handbook. Chapter 0 (03) Specs.
  8. ​Im looking for Volvo C202 speedometer cable. Used or new, no matter until it is in good condition. I live in Estonia but im ready to pay for shipping. ​taavi14@gmail.com
  9. Please let us know how this modification worked out. 6.17 ratio parts seems to be C202 specific and hard to find.
  10. I replaced brake master cylinder with something totally different... Audi A4 B5. It's a tight fit and needs some works but possible to do. Brakes seems to work quite ok. C202 does not have much room under dashboard. I'll try to make some pictures tomorrow. I found one picture.
  11. Maybe it's interesting for someone http://www.amphibear.com https://www.facebook.com/Amphibear There are some serious problems at the moment but hopefully this project will continue.
  12. Just one bearing, not complete set of 4.
  13. Hello! I have for sale 1 wheel bearing for L3314/C202. Price is 40EUR plus shipping to Sweden about 8EUR (without tracking) and 10EUR with tracking. Bearing is made by timken. You can contract me via email taavi14@gmail.com , private message or phone +37253454445 . Sorry I dont speak Swedish. Only English. Bearing is located in Estonia, Ösel.
  14. Today I cleaned up car a bit and found out that interiour floor is in bad shape. Probably it needs total replacemant in near future. I also want to replace all body to frame bolts. I managed to remove 6 of them (2 are hidden under double interiour floor). Try to make pics tomorrow.
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