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  1. Thank you for all of you guys. I went to the place in the afternoon and checked the accelerator pedal switch which was working good. I did some WD40 on it just to be sure. I jump in and the truck wont move. And I tried the the pull switch once more which releases the air from the hanbrakes but before I have read it in the manual (thanks to this forum) that I have to hold it until it releases the pressure. I held it for like 1,5 secs and voila the truck moves. I told the customer this before but I did not know he was not pulling it for enough time. The valve might go slow. But I knew in the back of my brain that this was not a huge problem. And it was not. Anyway good forum and very helpful members. Many thanks who helped me once more.
  2. Can you provide the link to the english forum threads. Because I could find only swedish regarding this truck. Thanks a lot.
  3. I gonna check it in the afternoon. If this switch is alright, can that be that the transfer case switch is stuck between V and T? I assume the truck will not move than as well right?
  4. Very useful hints, thanks bsvensso and Wingflyer. I will try the throttle pedal switch first. I just read it in the description that there is some kind of switch but sadly it is in swedish and I cannot speak swedish. What is this switch used for at all on this truck?
  5. Hello all. We have a problem, we bought such military truck from the army and the truck was working flawlessly until now. We have sold the truck, and today morning the customer has driven the truck to another place and left it there. In the afternoon the guys from that place wanted to move the truck but it is not moving when switched to D. The terrain and street switch is on V. Before when you put it into drive you could feel that the truck started to move a bit, now nothing happens. Please help. Could this be an electrical problem. We have checked automatic transmission oil, while the engine was running and the level is good. I tried to lift the back axels, because I thought that the truck is stuck between street and off road gears, but it is not. Need your help. I doubt that the gearbox went bad on an empty truck, because it was working in the morning, and in the afternoon it does not do anything. Thanks.
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