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Found 4 results

  1. Gday from Australia, I'm starting my build thread a little prematurely because I've been asking a lot of questions in someone else's thread and I didn't think it was "good etiquette". So I'll start off with introducing myself and a brief outlay of what I'm planning, I will follow with some pics tomorrow...it's 11:00pm and dark ATM. My name is Warren and I imported two Volvo's about 18 months ago with the help of Joacim from Coatex AB, they are both 1314's (ambulance) with about 10,000km showing and no rust...I couldn't be more pleased with their condition as everything on them works as it should. So far all I've done to them is a full service of the engines and changed all the oils in both drive lines and portals as well as exhaust/inlet manifold gaskets...they both started leaking from the rearmost cylinders soon after they arrived, oh and one manifold had a small crack around the exit flange which I welded with some cast iron rod. All in all nothing too unexpected for their age. The only thing about them that's a bit crappy was the tyres (suregrips), I reckon they must be at least 30 years old because they are hard as rocks and a rough ride but I was expecting that anyway. My plan even before I imported them is to convert one to diesel and sell the other but all good things take time. Earlier this year I purchased 3 crown wheel and pinion pairs with the higher 5.99:1 gear ratio from Jez @flyingspanners and about 10 days ago I bought (on ebay) an om606.962TD (complete) and a 722.608 auto trans as well as a few bits and pieces like gear selector etc, these are coming from uk and will be a little while before it arrives. I'm going to use a mech om603 pump which I'll get from dieselmeken because there really aren't any good IP Pump builders over here, if I end up running the auto I will use the standalone controller sold from ofgear.dk which is the one olefejer makes...the relatively small Gwagen crowd over here do this diesel conversion (om606/722.6) and use this controller and those who have are really happy with it. I'll also definitely be doing the Gwagen PS box conversion, power steering IMO transforms the feel of these older vehicles and I really like the G's steering box feel. Other than that my plans are to get rid of the box/shelter (for now anyway) and make it a dual cab ute/tray, I would have liked a long body/command cab but I couldn't find one in good enough condition and I like the idea of having a tray for work purposes. That's enough for now...a bit long winded but gripen asked me to start my own thread so here ya go, some pics to follow tomorrow. Great forum guys I only wish I knew Swedish. Cheers Warren.
  2. Hej Er lige ved at gøre TGBen klar til 3 uger rundt om Østersøen med en tur indover Moskva. MEN! Koblingen fungerer ikke helt godt, så har skilt den af - desværre kan jeg ikke finde ud af hvilken kobling det er så kan ikke købe en ny... Trykpladen har et nummer, men det har koblingen ikke, så den jeg har bestilt har de forkerte stråler m.m. Nogle der ved hvilken kobling der skal bruges til SMT kittet og OM603.912 Mercedes motoren?
  3. Dette dukka plutselig opp på den nederlandske Facebook-gruppa for C300-serien:
  4. 113 downloads

    BV206 Instruktionsbok (Engelsk)
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