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Tiagra fra Tyskland har en C304 han holder på å bygge om til bobil, inkludert motorbytte og karosseribytte. Han ville også bytte til skivebremser. Etter å ha sett på de tilgjengelige konverteringssetta mente han at ingen var grove nok til å takle kombinasjonen høy vekt og store hjul på C304-prosjektet hans. Derfor har han laga sitt eget konverteringssett som han etter hvert skal produsere for salg. På Facebook-gruppa for C300-serien har han akkurat presentert prototypen. Bildene har jeg kopiert hit:

















Følgende tekst er kopiert fra Facebook. Navna er anonymisert:




Question: Will it be available for the standard rims?


Question: OK, new question: Why a five bolt pattern if you still have to make custom wheel? Wouldn't it be better to use a known six bolt pattern? Or is the five bolt pattern you have chosen a known one, only that you have to make special rims to get the correct offset?


Question: Looks heavy


Hello I do not your group on Facebook

Might be kind to give me the address, I want to buy your brakes for Volvo TGB 13

Question: Looks great any more info on parts used


Question: Cannot use 16" rims? (and I don't mean original Volvo rims)


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Thanx, I sent him the same link via PN, but he will still be required to talk to me, as we do not stock these kits... Will have to plan him for the next production run. Current run is about 80% finished I think, looking forward to see the first vehicles around the world actually converted. AFTERwards we will plan the next production run.



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Well, shipping to Sweden is probably almost nothing compared to the kit price, but in general: The situation is as follows: Interest is very high, but nobody commits to actually buying). The first batch that we made has long been sold out and making a next batch needs more than 1person to start with. We cannot even have 3 people seriously committing so I doubt there will ever be a next batch. Most people prefer the cheap way, that's the way it is. Sorry guys...

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Why do you think we needed to develop new wheels... because the original ones fit so nicely that we thought doubleing the effort would make it look better? :) Talk to Gordan, he can set you up with cheap stuff and original PCD: http://custom4x4parts.com/product/volvo-c303-bolt-on-disc-brake-conversion/ WOuldn't pass TÜV in Germany but it is cheap any mabye suitable for your needs.

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Found this forum post where guy is using Landcruiser II discs and calipers? He does not mention how to make them fit.


Anyone know anything about this?





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