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Trying to fix clutch in USA - L3314HT

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Hi all.  Been using google translate to read through as much as I can. Have owned this truck for 4 years now and it is a family member.  I love it so much.  I went to drive it the other morning and it refused to shift into any gear.  I had been difficult sometimes to get it into first gear when starting car.  Now it won't budge.  I want to rebuild the clutch so I'm seeking part numbers for clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, front transmission seal and a clutch fork.


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks!


chris in Connecticut


Hej alla. Har använt google translate för att läsa igenom så mycket jag kan. Har ägt den här lastbilen i 4 år nu och det är en familjemedlem. Jag älskar det så mycket. Jag åkte för att köra den här förmiddagen och den vägrade växla till någon växel. Jag hade ibland svårt att få den i första växeln när jag startade bilen. Nu viker det inte. Jag vill bygga om kopplingen så jag söker artikelnummer för kopplingstryckplatta, kopplingsskiva, styrlager, utkastlager, framväxeltätning och en kopplingsgaffel. All hjälp skulle uppskattas mycket. Tack så mycket!


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Go to the files section here, and choose the Volvo 903/valp/felt subsection. Then scroll down until you find the spare catalogue, it is named Reservelskatalog Volvo 903 m.fl. Click on it and download the pdf.



Open the pdf. Jump to group 2 Clutch (Grupp 2 koppling), for me Adobe said page 60.


There a list with all the items belonging to the clutch system will appear. Volvo's part numbers in the right column. The next page will show an exploded view with numbers you find in the Pos column at left. Contact your local Volvo dealer and get them to order.



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When this issue has occured on my vehicle it's been the hydraulic pilot cylinder for the clutch that needed a new rubber seal.
Not knowing all your course of actions I thought I should mention it.

Good luck on your awesome vehicle bud!

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Hi John - I've already replaced both hydraulic cylinders to improve shifting.  Now I believe it's time to take a look inside!  Probably been 50 years since the clutch has been looked at!


I managed to find all the parts very near my house - there is a business near me called Classic Spares, and it is run by an absolute legend who knows everything about old European cars.  He's a gem, and spending time in his warehouse (an old supermarket) is always a joy for me!

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So - thank you all for the help.  I utilized the most old man, old-school shop to do the repair.  Took them 9 hours to replace clutch (inside was a not that old Borg clutch disc on a three-finger pressure plate

that had seized to each other - rendering shifting impossible).  They also removed my Y-drive and PTO winch because the winch was blown up.  He though water had gotten in, frozen and literally blew up the main bronze gear and case.  So sad.


The truck shifts so much better than it ever had and I can enjoy many years of enjoyment without having to hassle with that again.  


If anyone is interested in discussing the PTO/Winch unit, feel free to message me.  I'd love to have the truck returned to stock configuration.  Is this PTO unit cross-matched with another vehicle?  


Also, I have a complete service binder for a C202 in german if anyone needs anything from it.




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A follow up to my clutch repair.


Left truck for a week or so, under a tarp, through some rainy weather, and the clutch was seized again.  Apparently, the moist air caused the clutch and pressure plate to rust together.  I started the truck in gear - actually just used the starter to roll it in 1st and this freed the two parts.  All better again.



Has this happened to anyone?  My mechanic suggested this happens to tractors all the time and some people use wood blocks to keep the fork depressed a bit when parked so they don't fuse.



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