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for sale 2x TGB30 big (dealer) package, DS11, new Cab, aluminium & steel split rims,14.00 Conti HCS etc.

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Give up my hobby and sell my TGB30 trucks and all parts.


No.1 truck
1980, 15,000km, very good condition, stored dry,
Extended cab with integrated roll bar,
not finished yet, but all important metal sheets are present.
only chassis without platform or body
Gearbox control unit overhauled by a well-known forum member




No.2 truck
1979, 45,000km, good condition, stored dry, Hiab crane
last year new water cooler and most of the hoses, brakes complete maintained
many parts new or overhauled, new specially made 280 liter tank and consoles to be able to continue using the winch.
Crew cabin converted to a folding roof, new doors lockable, not yet completed

IMG_4878.thumb.jpeg.dbd7b109b020709fbcd8300d91687866.jpeg IMG_4949.thumb.jpeg.67e921f14b73d76d974dfd9f50eab160.jpeg 


photo_2021-09-03_18-42-33.thumb.jpg.9cf3ba19abe43c1b6c8fe086f530ee1c.jpg IMG_4891.thumb.jpeg.833a571eab751a7fcfd4ef6948beef9c.jpeg




Tires and rims
5 x Fuchs aluminum rims 10x20 like new
6 x steel split rims 10x20
10 x 14.00 Continental HCS tires in good condition

IMG_1669.thumb.JPG.f80e49878d5e6b411e111fcfd864fcac.JPG IMG_1539.thumb.JPG.a2633e78f879ef90d44ff7501872b2d7.JPG 


Factory overhauled cab that has never been installed. Rust free





original SBAT DS11 engine in good condition with 20,000km





spare Parts
Large contingent of new and rare spare parts from Scania workshop insolvency

In addition, many other spare parts such as air filters, leaf springs, aluminum air tanks,

jacks to lift the complete platform with cabin, brand-new headlights and indicators, and much more

IMG_0184.thumb.JPG.b00e15b217c0f55a43c1a4557ad40f4b.JPG IMG_0206.thumb.JPG.cc727f34ff512cb87c80e1da9d76740c.JPG 




Negotiation basis 18.900 €


I have pictures of everything, or if you want to see something special, please let me know!


We can talk about the price and the transport to Sweden !


I am a private person not a dealer, I have put all of this together over many years but have no desire or time to continue.


LOCATION: Dortmund Germany

email: mac775@gmx.de


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