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Yes, I will paint it on glass.


The dash has this parts starting from the top one - metal cover / glass / metal / instruments case. The numbers are painted on back of the glass between the 2 metal pieces as in picture.

1. metal cover (light brownish)

2. glass with numbers on its back

3. metal piece (dark brown)

4. instruments


I will paint using serigraphy printing technique (also known as screen printing). But for this I have to give the printing specialist a digital drawing of the pattern - they use usually Corel Draw program.

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I've no ideea about how much it will cost. Shouldn't be very expensive, though.

I'll let you know about the price. Making more sure will reduce costs, but shipping...hmm. I can't figure how I would wrap and protect it in a package to be safe.

My opinion is this is to be done locally and avoid shippind 2mm thin glass...

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this is what I've ended up with for the dash restoration - cost 20 euros;

(image shows the test glass, the final one is not completely dry; it's the same, but without the black marker on left hand side and the blurred "-" on the lower right)



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Hello. I need to do the same thing om my car. Is it possible to get the Corel Draw file from you? I have take the instrument in parts and painted up the rest, but i have not fix the glass. The old numbers is more or less completly gone..

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Hello my name is Ulrich, I come from Germany.  Could you please also send me the file with the speedometer writing?  I also need to restore my speedometer.  Many thanks.  Sincerely, Ulrich



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