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  1. Tamaz, I am SO happy you were able to find that manual. I have been in contact with one ot the staff members at SKAB, the manufacturer of the rear boxes on the TGB 131X series of 6x6 trucks. Looking through the archives of the SKAB location where they were assembled, he was able to find the same manual. In fact, he had started to scan it for me. When I received my original manual from a different source, he happy ceased his efforts. I have been in contact with SKAB in order to gather more history about their involvoment with the TGB 6x6 trucks. I recently committed to writing a six article series on the Volvo TGB line of trucks for the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association). A decade ago, the MVPA published a four article seres I wrote on the Steyr Puch Haflinger trucks. I first joined the MVPA (then the MVCC) back in 1980. Thank you again for the most excellent addition to the terranbil.net manual database. Take care. Jim Molloy
  2. Tamaz, Did you find this among the other manuals in the terrangbil.net library of manuals? That is phenomenal? I just got off the phone with the local printer and was going to have the manual scanned this Wednesday. You have just saved me time, travel and $60 USD in scanning charges. THANK YOU! Jim
  3. Hello to all. Here is the latest update. I now own a copy of the M7776-002090 parts manual. I have been going page by page before the scanning process begins. I have located only one page where someone wrote a few words in blue ink on a parts diagram. It turns out that a similar manual was located in the SKAB archives. Once I have located all the pages that have been marked, I will ask the contact at SKAB to scan just those pages. What I present to this forum must be complete and as untarnished as possible. Given the large quantity of date in the manual, I know it will require uploading in smaller units that what was previously tried. Please be patient. It will be well worth the wait. Take care. Jim Molloy
  4. Kristaga, I totally agree. This would be a tremendous resource for many. I am also working with one of the SKAB staff members (soon to be more) about getting access to their historic records since they were the contractors manufacturing the rear boxes on the 6x6 trucks. Blueprints of the internal metal skeleton frame, doors, internal and external cabinets and the like would be so helpful for restoration and modification. Thanks for your support! Take care. Jim Molloy
  5. Hello to all, Please excuse my lack of using Swedish for this request. While I have owned a total of six different Vovlo TGB trucks in the past, we have finally settled on a 1975 TGB1314A. I use it as both a camper and a remoted medical unit at various festivals. I also am drawn to learn as much history of my vehicles as I can. Recently, I contacted individuals at SKAB (Specialkarosser AB) to get more information about their work on the rear boxes of the TGB131X 6x6 trucks. It appears that many of the current SKAB staff are interested to see how the work of their predecessors are holding up nearly a half a century later. In my investigation, I learned about a parts manual that shows all the details I could ask to see. That manual is designated M7776-002090 and a partial downlown is actually available here: The problem is that when Erik/Viper99 added that manual to the collection in Feruary 2013, the large "Section 9 Övrig utrustning" could not be added due to size. It also appears that Erik/Viper99 has not been back to this forum since 2013. I recently saw three pages from Section 9 on the Facebook C303 and TGB page and my goal is to see all of that manual be available in a digital format. If ANYONE knows of an online source for that information or is willing to scan their manual or loan that section of their manual so it can be scanned by others, PLEASE let me know. Take care...one and all. Jim Molloy 1975 TGB134A Waldersee Farm Western Yamhill Medical Center Humble Warrior Yoga Northwest MogFest ( http://www.northwestmogfest.com )
  6. You may wish to try this gentleman. He is a vintage European wiper expert. He converted a pair of 24V TGB wiper motors for us a couple years ago. Flawless function and workmanship. Don West ("The Wiper Guy" in vintage VW circles) 3730 NE Grandhaven Dr. McMinnville Oregon 97128 Cell#(503)434-3530 Home#(503)434-6486 Hope this helps. Jim Molloy
  7. The 1 562 660 is one of two Volvo part numbers for a 12V wiper motor in the Vovlo TGB parts manual. The full number is 1562660-9. The earlier number is 1560260-0.
  8. Eile, I have two TGB1314A trucks and one AluZn TGB11. I would like to more about the modifications made on this particular truck. I would like to see what modifications have been made on the inside of the ambulance box as well as the door the owner has installed in the are of the original battery box. Just looking for ideas. I believe the Volvo TGB131X 6x6 trucks offer the best platform for a camper possible. Is that your high top C202 camper as your thumbnail photo? Great truck! I hope this answers your question about why I am looking for a German owner of a TGB. Take care. Jim Molloy
  9. Eile, Thank you for the recommendation. I have posted the same request on Michael's C303.de forum with no results yet. Sooner or later, this truck will show up again. Take care. Jim Molloy
  10. Hello to all,This photo was shamelessly harvested from the NL Volvo TGB C303 C304 C306 Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2257365984362790&set=gm.1441737212630964&type=3&theater&ifg=1The photo was recently taken in Frankfurt, Germany. I am trying to locate the owner of this truck as I have several questions and would really like to see additional photos. Does anyone have any information on this vehicle? Thank you for any and all help.Jim MolloyWaldersee FarmSheridan, Oregon USAhttp://www.northwestmogfest.com
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