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upgrade the camshaft??


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I'm new on this forum because I recently bought my dream truck; the Volvo TGB C303.
I'm planning to go on holidays with it. So I Would like to make it a little bit more enjoyable to drive on the highway. (90-95kmh with resonable engine rpm)
I recently boucht a c306 5-speed gearbox and a 5-speed gearbox from a masarati biturbo with 0.795:1 overdrive.
so this winter i will be doing the conversion to 5 speed. so if the gearing will go up. so does the engine power. 
I Live in Belgium and fortunately we cant do engine swaps. so i'm stuck with the B30 engine. (witch i love ;))
I was thinking to put in a camshaft with K-profile to get a little bit more HP.

does anybody have a k-cam in the b30 engine? what are your findings?

I'm sorry for my language, I hope you can forgive me :blush:

Greets from belgium!
Great forum!

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Congratulations on your purchase of the C303. Best wishes on the five speed transmission swap. Late last year, I switched to the K cam as a gently upgrade for the original cam. The high quality engine oil I have used for MANY years apparently recently had a significant reduction in zinc making it unsupportive of the B30 cam/lifter interface. The cam swap is very straightforward and can be done in a day with proper preparation and tools.


What we have noticed with our K cam-equipped 1975 TG1314A 6x6 ambulance is slight increase in power at the top end making climbing grades on the road slightly better. The down side is that is seems we have lost a little bit of low end power...especially when starting out in high range with cold fluids in the transmission, transfer case, three differentials and six portal boxes. Low range power loss has not been noted.


Since I do not mind lumbering along at the 80-88kph speeds originally recommended by the manufacturer, I plan to stick with standard gearing and leisurely travel slower less used back roads whenever possible. I still run points but may add the Pertronix module sitting on my shelf for three years. After the completion of the next two end-of-summer vehicular events, I do plan to install the dual Mikuni HSR42 carburetor kit from Vintage Performance. http://www.v-performance.com/products/air_fuel.html I am not doing this swap for performance (althought that may come as a benefit) but rather for simplicity. I have had the opportunity to work with the Z-S carburetors on Volvo trucks and feel the need to go to something far simpler to tune. Finally, the engine bay will become less cluttered as a cab rooftop industrial/agricultural dry element cylindrical air cleaner will be added. This should cut the distance fresh air has to move to reach the engine in half and should be a

. bit cooler.


Once the carburetor swap is complete, I will give an update on my opinion of the K cam.

Hope this helps.

Take care.


Jim Molloy

Waldersee Farm

Northwest MogFest


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