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Front propeller shaft

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Hi from the Netherlands.


I have just bought a C202 VHT from 1978 to restore, via a couple of dutchmen, it originally came from a town on the swedish border to norway (based on the company text still on it).

There is a lot of welding required :-).


But I am missing the front propeller shaft. It was not connected when I bought it, although both the diff and transferbox seem to rotate.

I also got an axle with it, and although it has the correct length, it is missing the (correct) flanges on it.


Furthermore, the 4x4 dash switch is disconnected, so there was something going on there with the 4x4, the wiring underneath is still there though.


The flange on the front diff has a diameter of 97mm, is there a prop shaft from another vehicle that readily fits? Or can I use one from a 240?





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