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Front propeller shaft

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Hi from the Netherlands.


I have just bought a C202 VHT from 1978 to restore, via a couple of dutchmen, it originally came from a town on the swedish border to norway (based on the company text still on it).

There is a lot of welding required :-).


But I am missing the front propeller shaft. It was not connected when I bought it, although both the diff and transferbox seem to rotate.

I also got an axle with it, and although it has the correct length, it is missing the (correct) flanges on it.


Furthermore, the 4x4 dash switch is disconnected, so there was something going on there with the 4x4, the wiring underneath is still there though.


The flange on the front diff has a diameter of 97mm, is there a prop shaft from another vehicle that readily fits? Or can I use one from a 240?





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New update, good and troubling news...


The 4x4 was in order after reconnecting the button. I did find out after testing and reading that the 4x4 is also switched on by braking very hard, I replaced the vacuum hose as well for good measure.


With regards to the front shaft (see picture), I took a shaft from a 144 with injection (a heavy one) and shortened it. The flanges fitted. Only need to take the bearings off and have it balanced. The vertical travel of the axle is not so much compared to the rear one


The next challenge is the VIN or Chassinummer.

I brought the car last Friday for inspection at the RDW, the Dutch governmental vehicle agency. I did not find the VIN a couple of months ago on the chassis, except on the plate in the cabin. So I made an appointment to have a new one hammered in.


They did analysis by cleaning a part but did not find any number on the driver side beam (where it is supposed to be originally, as per the attached picture in the manual). Their conclusion was: If there is not any number anywhere else, they cannot register the car for the Dutch roads. Both the separate chassis and cabin need to already individually have numbers.


When I came home, I cleaned the beam a bit more, and 1cm above the place the RDW cleaned the number 14 appeared and an upside down stamp "S710"?, exactly where the manual indicated. Furthermore the number corresponds with the chassis number on the cabin plate 010014!

I immediately contacted the RDW but alas, they do not accept just 2 digits as enough proof, they require the complete number 😞


I can imagine Volvo at the time did not take the effort to put the prefix zeroes on the beam with such a low production vehicle. And after scraping lots of tar, I could not find any other number on the rest of the front beams, left and right. 


Can any of you help me with information to prove to the RDW these numbers are original and normal?

I was thinking about a picture of another C202 which also just have a few digits on the beam, or something else?


Thanks in advance, it would really be nice to get this little puppy driving again...


Kind regards,





front axle.jpg

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You might consider to disable the auto-engage of the front axle when braking hard. The front axle on the C202 is weaker than the front axle on the C303 and in many people's opinion the C202 front axle is too weak to endure this rough function, leading axle snapping.


På 2023-09-17 på 14:34, Justin säger:

The 4x4 was in order after reconnecting the button. I did find out after testing and reading that the 4x4 is also switched on by braking very hard, I replaced the vacuum hose as well for good measure.



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