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Anyone know of a group or forum for Swedish Marine Engineering Corps - Mariningenjörskåren?

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I wonder if anyone knows of a group or forum for former members of Sweden's Mariningenjörskåren, please?

I can't find anything on Facebook, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a Private hidden group out there.

Would be nice to talk to some mechanics who worked on the Amfibiebil 101, and made the floating trailer 803.
Your help is appreciated. Thank you
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3 hours ago, JDW said:

I thing tat the buzzword you are searching for is coastal artillery, an odd part of Swedish armed forces with very special need and solutions...








I'm aware of the kustartilleriet, and have been in communication with parts - but some are impossible to engage in any conversation - which is really frustrating.


I was on this KA 2 group of kustartilleriet veterans, but got blocked. Have absolutely no idea as to why, and none of the 7 admin check their messages



I've applied to join this KA 3 group of kustartilleriet veterans, but the two admin don't check messages or add new members.



But I was hoping to find a group of mechanics, rather than the kustartilleriet marines, or whatever they actually are - but not Army apparently.

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