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TGB 11 Distributor Type?

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I am told that there are two types of Bosch distributors that were placed in the TGB's. I am trying to upgrade to Pertronix and need to know which one I have. Included is a picture of the distributor with the cap off.


Any help would be great!



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There is the normal type identified by normal type cap, spark plug and plug cables and the radio supressed type with special cap, spark plug and plug cables similar to the M-type vehicles.


The Pertronix kit for the normal type is easily available (#2863N24). For the radio supressed type I dont know.


This is an email I wrote to pertronix some years ago:


Hello, I have a Volvo 1976 C303 with Bosch distributor # 0 231 305 058. Its
a 24 volt system.
Will the 2863N24 work for this distributor? And can any of your flamethrower
coils be used together with the Ignitor on a 24 volt system? Thanks in


Yes, the 2863N24 will work in your distributor. Use coil #40511 and a 3.0
ohm ballast resistor.

Carl Alcocer
Pertonix Inc.


And yes, it did work.
Hope this helps.


Edit: Link to old thread.

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Most likely you already have it.

Not the best pic but look for this box mounted up in the corner above your distributor. Its about 3ohm and should work with the Petronix the way its already wired, bypassing the resistor only when the started is engaged.



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Halfsafe, thanks for the help.


I installed the coil and Pertronix, took all of 30 minutes. Just want to make sure that you hooked the red to the positive and black to the ground on the coil from the pertronix module. That still allows the resistor to work properly?


I took it out for a test drive and what a difference! 


Thanks again.

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