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  1. Posted some videos of the trophy on Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9h554G3rXnRErL2ZCHlyIg Hope you enjoy them,
  2. We finished 17th but competing in a TGB against lightweight buggys is not our goal. The plan was to drive there, race and finish, drive back home. We did that. I spoke with your friends many times, nice guys that i will meet again for sure !
  3. We drove the Volvo 1450 KM from home to Croatia, Finished the toughest offroad trophy in Europe and today we got back home after a 1450 KM ride home. Pictures are on the Facebook page and i will place some video on Youtube and share the links here.
  4. I will try Halfsafe but during the race we have little time and internet. After the race i will do so for sure!
  5. Hej alla, Just wanted to let you know we are about to start racing in the Croatia Trophy 2017. Needless to say, but we drive a Volvo TGB11 with minimum upgrade and modifications. The race will start the first week of May but there will be more races in the future i think. If you are the interested in seeing us drive the truck in one of the toughest offroad trophys in Europe,find us on youtube; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9h554G3rXnRErL2ZCHlyIg
  6. I have bought a PTO with winch but i am not going to use it my self. It is original Volvo and in working condition, Complete system with winch, axle shaft, PTO and controls. The controls are not so nice but they work. I want 1250 euro for it. Shipping cost for buyer !! Contact by PM
  7. Ok, advancing the timing to 12 degrees is too much. So don't do this.
  8. Well, at this moment i do 1 liter on 6 km. Mostly city so it's getting there. Since we run 98 octane and not 97 i decided to advance the timing a little bit. This gave a good performance boost. No knocking of the engine, not even at very low rpm and heavy working so this is no problem. It's at 12 degrees now. Tommorow i will make a long run on the highway and i expect a great mileage !
  9. This is a militairy module. You can find a normal ignition module very easy in Europe but USA will be difficult maybe. However, Tatanka can provide anything you need to make the switch or even go to 123 ignition wich also can be bought in your own country. This is probably the best option for you.
  10. Can you post a picture of your distributor ?
  11. On my tgb to adjust the carbs, i have to take the carb apart...
  12. connected the car to an CO computer and indeed it was way to rich ! Made the needed adjustments and went to the gas station...no high octane available...so i had no option to run 95 octane gas wich the engine took fine, no temperature problems or pinging. Drove 150km on the 95 octane and usage was 1 liter for 5,8 kilometer so it's a bit better. I hope it will make a big difference when i drive on 97 octane again.
  13. I am going to be adjusting the carbs tommorow, i will lett you guys know how that works out.
  14. Tack for replying. I guess the consumption is different per truck. if anyone has got any advice on adjustments or what ever, please let me know.
  15. I agree, but there is no way to adjust the mixture. I rechecked the timing of ignition, checked the idle adjustments. All seem fine.
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