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  1. Outstanding, send me some more and I'll add em to the dropbox!
  2. And a couple more robots for good measure
  3. And the Robots plus a few offs and ends
  4. Lets start with the older 90mm variant 90 mm Army Service 1.bmp 90 mm Army Service 14.bmp
  5. Well hello! I am hoping this will be a thread where people can post pictures of their TGB 1111 as well as any stories. The first link is a drop box repository of every most TGB 1111 picture I've found on the web sorted by 90mm vs Anti-Tank missile sub sorted by any army unit number. Please add pictures and I'll download and add them to the drop box. I think it makes a great reference for someone looking to purchase, explore or set up their own, either stock or another configuration. Every TGB 1111 I've found on the web If you see yours them please speak up! Some of these are pretty low res pictures, especially the earlier army service pictures. If you have a good high quality photo I'd love to replace or supplement what's already there.
  6. I'm trying to find a battery box table, by which I mean the table that went above the battery cover on the TGB 1111. You can see it on the floor in this picture, the table with a grid bottom. Also if anyone has some Unit signs they are looking to sell I can make a good home for them. Any of the military parts that someone might have such as the cross brace or a clear instrument panel mud guard etc etc I'm trying to find. Contact via Personal Message
  7. fixed the link in the last post, please check out every TGB1111 photo I've been able to find over the last few years.
  8. Here are a few more recent photos from Mogfest 2019: In the never ending quest of fixing things since the last update I've done the following (or my mechanic has!) Retimed the ignition, no more pinging Dropped the fuel tank and fixed a split seam, the inside was coated by the Army before demobilization and is in fantastic shape bypassed the inline mechanical fuel pump, replaced with a electirc pump at the tank, pushing instead of pulling, two inline filters, bypassed the float bowl and rerouted to avoid overheating the fuel (vapor lock) Replaced the leaf springs on the front after cracking the left front spring. Replaced the CV boot on the right side twice, now with loctite on the bolts. Adjusted the turn stop limiter, it was kinda mushed and turning to far left. Replaced a number of light bulbs, experimented with LED bulbs which have not worked on the rear lights, not enough impedance to trip the systems. Braided paracord grab handles for the back and passenger side to ease getting in. Things to do, replace the front shocks, one is broken. Replace the left rear brake cylinder, very slow leak. Install a screen on the radiator opening to prevent grass / etc from entering I still have some electrical problems, the fuse for the power ports blows immediately when turned on and I have no power at the 24v plus in the cab, the front of the blackout light box. Honestly not sure where to start trying to fix that. I have an inverter installed and can get power for a GPS or a phone that way, but I'd rather have the ports working. Does anyone have a lead on the table that sat over the battery box on the TGB 1111, for measurements. It was a simple table with a drop down leg, a metal grate patern bottom. I've seen it in pictures but never in real life. I'd love to buy one, but would fab one up otherwise if I had measurements. Also, here's a link to every TGB 1111 photo I've ever found on the web and some other resources: Every TGB 1111 I've found on the web
  9. Trucks been running great, up until the distributor on the new electronic ignition burned and started sputtering. I thought it was a carb issue, a torn baffle, but it was in the end a very easy fix. The backup light's plastic switch on the engine disintegrated, so I've got it wired up to a spare headlight switch that went into one of the open slots on the dash. I fixed my dyslexic spelling of wiper fluid and coolant, that was a little embarrassing. I also got an adapter finished for an RPD, which I've mounted occasionally in the M240 mount. I don't drive around town like that though! The great news is that the hubs and axles are in top shape, no leaks, no sign of wear. I'd still like to find a source for some of the Swedish Army metal vehicle identification signs, are there any surplus stores in Sweden that sell them? Mogfest is this weekend, I'll take a bunch of pictures and post them up afterwards.
  10. Yes, thank you. That is what I mean. Due to the age/previous use, poor preventive maintenance? For whatever reason all the plugs for the front power ports, and the rear port on the right hand side rear lamp are broken. I have simple plastic plugs in them that work in a pinch, but I'd like to have proper ones again.
  11. Yes, sadly.... my dyslekia kicked in, even though I was taking it directly from the original. No one here will know the difference, but I'll know! So I fixed it and ordered new stickers. Thankfully they are very inexpensive here in the US, under 10 dollars shipped for the two stickers, so nothing is really hurt except my pride.
  12. She's running great. Painting is 95 percent done. Touch up needed in a few places. Got the hydraulic arms installed and can use the box without fearing for my fingers. So much fun to drive and quiet again! Temporary grill guard:
  13. https://doityourselflettering.com/create/?LoadDesign=1278985&Conf=708669 https://doityourselflettering.com/create/?LoadDesign=1350211&Conf=231556 https://doityourselflettering.com/create/?LoadDesign=1350212&Conf=994403 (with correct spelling now) If these links are a help to anyone that is awesome. I wasn't able to find anything original, it was silly of me to think 40 year old decals would be available right? I took plenty of measurements before sanding the truck which destroyed the old decals. I think these are a very close match, although they are not 100 percent exact. Original: New decals:
  14. I wanted to give an update and ask a few questions regarding some odds and end parts. First the bad/good news. I had a pretty bad exhaust manifold leak and my timing was shot. I ended up having almost no power and I couldn't even get her up a hill except by crawling in first gear. It was pretty awful. The fix was way past my skill level, but thankfully there is a fantastic mechanic in my town who's hobby is restoring old Volvo car's with just this engine. I'm very happy to report that I'm back in business. Now there is a new electric ignition and both exhaust manifold leaks fixed. Engine is running strong and the timing is set. The other good news for me is we identified the hoses that were in danger of breaking (due to age) and replaced the hub seals for the portals. It's not pretty yet and there's still body work to do, but it's drive able again. I've also made contact with a guy who's going to let me use his paint booth at his company to finish paint. Then I can work on getting the decals back on, adding the grip tape to the rocket storage box and adding a radio and those other minor things. They are also going to make me a "table" that goes over the battery box. Question: Is there a source for the hydraulic arms that hold up the rocket box cover when it's in the open position. I can't find a parts list specifically for the 1111. Does anyone know which part this is or the specs for it? Is there a source for the 24v outlet covers? All mine were either broken or broke due to age. Lastly, anyone ever sell the heavy camouflage cover? Thanks again everyone! I still have yet to get her stuck anywhere.
  15. Thanks JDW, I'll use this link in the post to make my sign!
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