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TGB 11 Aluzink campingbil med 7 godkända bältade platser i Göteborg.


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Hej vänner.


Min 11:a är besiktigad och klar men tyvärr kör jag så lite och lilla gumman förtjänar lite mer tid och kärlek än vad jag hinner med.

Pris: bud inkl. alla prylar/delar men jag behåller den hellre några år till än att sälja billigt.....Taktältet ingår ej (det är redan sålt).


"Alla" prylar du behöver för camping (kylskåp, batteri, solpaneler, MPPT-laddare, inverter, DC-DC laddare, CTEK 24v, CTEK 12v mm) sitter i den så det är bara att slänga på en cross på dragkroken, ett tält på taket lasta kylen och köra ut i skogen.

Om jag hade tid skulle jag fixat följande, måla hela bilen, monterat den rostfria tanken, fixa rostfläcken på insidan på golvet, spruta med nytt lager DINOL, se över bromsrör, fixa spolarvätskepumpen, byta generatorremmar, byta trälister och fixa lite smågrejor. 


Min tråd på forumet som du kan fortsätta på om du köper 11:an 😀

Tgb11 camper, fiske, jakt, camping för 4 personer. - I garaget - In the garage - Terrängbil.net: Forum (terrangbil.net)


Jag har lagt den på annons i Tyskland, därav min film på kass skolengelska längst ner här i inlägget 😀


Volvo C303 TGB11 Gelände camper offroad expedition in Lünen 

Volvo C303 TGB11 Gelände camper offroad expedition in Lünen

Volvo C303 TGB11 Gelände camper offroad expedition in Lünen

Volvo C303 TGB11 Gelände camper offroad expedition in Lünen


Alu Zink body in good condition.
Portal axles 370 mm ground clearance at lowest point (diff) with 285-75-16 tires
Rear wheel drive, 4x4 high, 4x4 low
4x4 “on the fly” engagement (electrical)
Diff locks on both front and rear axles “on the fly” engagement
6 cylinder Volvo B30A engine 117 hp
4 speed gearbox
Top speed 100 km/h
Dual Stromberg carburettors
24 volt starter system
55 A alternator (upgraded from standard 25A)
7 seater with 7 seat belts
900 kg load capacity

Winch 4500 kg with synthetic rope
4 x 100 Watt solarpanels in two “floors” two of them are continuously charging and the other two are hidden below.
Epever 30A MPPT solar charge controller with external display
External Epever solar display above drivers door
AGM 200 Ah house battery (weak performance)
Dual 12 volt air compressors with 7 liter air tank
Waeco DC-DC charger 24->12 volt 30A activated by switch behind driver seat, charges house battery while driving
Euro standard 240 volt connection behind drivers door with 10A residential fuse
Integrated CTEK 24 volt charger for starter battery
Integrated CTEK 12 volt charger for house battery
Hi lift jack 150 cm
Spade (Swedish army original)
Ignition kill switch next to driver (anti theft)
Start battery disconnect (anti theft)
Isotherm refrigerator 40 L with small freezer and external compressor (12 volt)
Steel drawers for camping, tools from “System Edström”
Plywood tool box (huge) space for both tools and parts
Rear door “kitchen” with alu table, plywood cabinets with magnetic strip for utensils
Roof rack aluminium attached through the roof with bolts.
Gun cabinet above rear seat with quick fist holders for two rifles
Motorcycle holder complete with LED lights and custom NATO adapter.

Snow chains x 4

Machine gun attachment steel-tube



Spares/parts included:
Second spare tire, BF Goodrigde Mud terrain (same as the other 5 wheels) used
Stainless steel fuel tank, (need adaptions to fit vehicle) used
A pair of Stromberg carburettors (used)
Main brake cylinder with pedals (used)
3 spare brake pistons (new)
4 few brake pads (old)
CV boots (old)
Carburettor seals (used)
Generator belt (used)
Shock absorbers
Front bumper standard (used)
Headlight (used)
Position light (used)
Clutch wire (used)
Battery cover hood (used)
Fuel pump (new)
Electrical cables, fuses

Excellent condition on body and frame. The army installed a brand new “alu zink” body in the 1990:s and treated it with Dinol anti corrosion spray. Body and frame are mostly in “new” condition.
The machine gunners roof hatch always leaks in these C303, same in this case which has caused surface rust on the inside floor.
Engine has smaller oil leaks from valve cover and gearbox. Rear axle has small leak from diff.
No big issues. Runs smooth and starts fine.
Some of the seats are worn.
Crack in windscreen (passenger side)
Minor damage in front from when the army removed the night “stealth” lights.
Brakes pads on front axle are brand new (June 2023)
Brake pads on rear axle 7 years old. Should be replaced before longer trips.
No leaks from brake pistons, brake performance is good.
Windscreen spray motor not working (relay?)
Heating fans not working on some speeds (relay?)
Odometer is not working - stopped at appr. 83000 km. In reality it has likely been driven appr. 90 000 km.





Svar via PM eller mobil noll-sju-noll-fem-sju-två-tre-två-åtta-sju


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